4 Things You May Not Know About Dental Implants

dental implants RichmondYou’ve probably heard something about dental implants from friends, news programs or online. You might be surprised to learn about the many advantages to choosing implant dentistry for tooth replacement.

These biocompatible replacement teeth are long-lasting and low maintenance. If you have suffered with tooth loss, we encourage you to schedule an implant dentistry consultation with our oral surgeon. After your consultation, our team will be able to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants.

Following are four facts about implant dentistry that you might not know.

Dental Implants Could Last a Lifetime

A dental implant could last for the rest of your life. These prosthetics are designed to be permanent and could last for decades with proper care.

A Dental Implant is The Only Prosthetic That Can Replace a Tooth’s Root

Dental implants are embedded into the jawbone to replace the root system of a tooth. No other prosthetic available can replace the roots of missing teeth. By replacing a tooth’s root, an implant can help protect precious bone mass while improving a patient’s oral function after tooth loss.

Researchers and oral health practitioners have attempted to replace the roots of teeth for years but their attempts were unsuccessful because the body would reject the foreign object. Fortunately, dental implants are constructed from titanium – a biocompatible metal. This means that the bone surrounding an implant will integrate to its titanium structure as if it were a natural root.

Implants are Low Maintenance

Since dental implants are permanent and tooth-like, they are very low maintenance. Implants can be cleaned with normal brushing and flossing.

Dental Implants Can Look Just Like Natural Teeth

A dental implant is used to hold restorations like dental crowns and prosthetics such as bridges and dentures. When a patient chooses tooth-colored materials for their restorations and prosthetics, they enjoy replacement teeth that look identical to biological tooth structure.

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