Common Procedures Offered by Our Oral Surgeons

facial surgery MidlothianPatients may be referred to an oral surgeon for any number of procedures that address a variety of dental and health issues. Here is an overview of the surgical interventions that our experienced practitioners provide most often:

  • Wisdom teeth removal – this is probably the most common reason why people consult with an oral surgeon. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a host of problems for patients, including abscesses, disruption to the rest of the smile, discomfort, cysts and tumors, among other issues. When these large teeth are lodged in the bone, that surrounding bone must first be removed surgically in order for the teeth to be removed.
  • Jaw surgery – Patients may need to undergo jaw surgery to improve the aesthetics of the face and smile, or such facial surgery may be necessary to correct congenital defects in the jaw that interfere with the patient’s ability to chew or contribute to a painful TMJ disorder.
  • Dental implants – Patients who need to replace missing teeth can choose dental implants for a structurally complete tooth replacement. These small titanium cylinders are inserted into the jaw in a surgical procedure, and over the next several months, the surrounding bone forms a strong bond with the implant. That osseointegration process makes the dental implant capable of performing the same functions as a missing tooth’s root.
  • Bone grafting – Some patients may need a bone graft prior to the dental implant placement described above if they have lost a considerable amount of jaw bone material at the implant site. Other patients may be missing bone due to facial injury or a congenital issue and undergo this procedure to restore certain facial structures.
  • Sleep apnea – In cases when the shape or positioning of the jaw is contributing to sleep apnea, a surgical procedure can help to correct the problem and eliminate the apneic episodes.
  • We have a state-of-the-art surgical facility in our office, and we strive to maintain maximum patient comfort with effective sedation methods. We don’t want you to have any anxiety about whatever procedure you’re facing.

If you have any questions about the types of treatments provided in our office or need additional information about a specific procedure that has been recommended for you, call Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery today and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members. 

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