Dental Implants: A Great Remedy for Tooth Loss

dental implants MidlothianDental implants make wonderful replacement teeth because they address the loss of both a tooth’s crown and its roots. This means that dental implants can look and perform like biological teeth. If you’re reviewing your tooth replacement options, we recommend looking into whether dental implants are right for your needs.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are prosthetics that replace the missing roots of teeth. This is done by embedding a biocompatible component into the jawbone. Once the bone stabilizes the implant, it can hold a restoration that fills in visible tooth structure.

A dental implant is a small post made from titanium. Since it is made from a metal that is compatible with the body, bone will literally fuse to its structure to lock it in place. By drawing on support from bone, patients will not have to suffer with ill-fitting prosthetics that move during oral function.

Additionally, the prosthetics that dental implants support can look identical to natural teeth. This is because crowns, bridges, and dentures are constructed from lifelike materials such as porcelain. With implants, your family and friends won’t be able to distinguish your biological teeth from your prosthetic ones.

Are there health benefits associated with dental implants?

Tooth loss contributes to a number of health concerns including malnutrition, bone atrophy, and depression. Restoring a smile with dental implants can remedy many of these concerns.

Replacing the roots of teeth gives patients increased control when eating. This means that tooth loss doesn’t have to negatively affect your diet. Patients with dental implants can enjoy diverse nutritious foods, including items that are chewy and crunchy.

Bone loss in the jaw is a common concern for those who have lost teeth. Fortunately, dental implants keep bone active and stimulated, which prevents much of the bone deterioration associated with tooth loss.

Lastly, having an incomplete smile affects people’s psychological health. Many patients with tooth loss struggle with depression, reduced self-esteem, and social isolation. Having lifelike and comfortable replacement teeth can make a world of difference in one’s emotional wellbeing.

Finding a tooth loss solution that works for you involves careful consideration and a discussion with your oral healthcare provider. Call our oral surgeon at Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery to schedule a dental implant consultation.

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