How long does it take to recover from a dental bone graft?

bone grafting MidlothianBone grafting can help patients access dental implants when bone loss is a potential obstacle to this treatment option. However, because the patient must heal fully from the bone graft before dental implants can be placed, this procedure does extend the treatment timeline. Each patient’s case is unique, and your oral surgeon can give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of recovery time.

Dental implants rely on bone for their stability and durability because the bone is capable of fusing with the implant’s titanium surface. Therefore, when a patient has experienced bone loss as a consequence of tooth loss or has inadequate bone due to a congenital defect, the risk of premature dental implant failure is high.

In performing a bone graft, the oral surgeon will procure donor bone tissue and insert it at the implant site. That donor tissue may come from elsewhere in the patient’s body or from an external source, such an animal or cadaver. Bone can be created synthetically for this purpose as well. Over time, the transplanted bone tissue becomes incorporated into the patient’s jaw. After that process is complete, the oral surgeon can then proceed with dental implant placement.

Patients should closely follow any post-operative instructions provided by the surgeon to prevent complications that could extend the recovery period following bone grafting. When you take proper care of the surgical site, your healing should progress accordingly.

Dental implants that have successfully osseointegrated give patients the most structurally complete and functional tooth replacement possible, and this treatment approach is aesthetically pleasing, as well. Therefore, bone grafting is a valuable supplement when conditions might otherwise be unsuitable for dental implant placement.

Recovery following bone grafting will vary from patient to patient, but the time is a worthwhile investment to get the optimal benefits from dental implants. If you want a more specific idea of what to expect in terms of recovery after a bone graft, be sure to ask your surgeon during your consultation.

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