If I lose a back tooth, will I really miss it?

dental implants RichmondAre you missing a tooth at the back of your mouth? Sometimes when we lose our pre-molars and molars, we might not think too much about replacing them as their absence isn’t as noticeable as front teeth. While you may not miss your tooth too much from an aesthetic standpoint, missing just one tooth can have lasting impacts on your oral health and well-being. When a single tooth is missing, even if it is just a back tooth, we recommend that patients examine dental implants as a tooth replacement option. Dental implants make for great replacement teeth because they are incredibly durable and low maintenance.

Why should I replace a less visible tooth?

Even though a tooth at the back of your mouth isn’t as visible as teeth at the front, it should still be replaced. Teeth support one another by holding each other upright and by enduring daily force associated with eating food. If one tooth is missing, the force associated with daily oral function is unevenly distributed among teeth, which could cause teeth to become worn down very quickly. Secondly, teeth near empty tooth sockets can slide or move because they lack support from a neighboring tooth.

What makes dental implants unique?

Dental implants are unique for a few reasons. First, these prosthetics replace lost root structure while other prosthetics like bridges or dentures only replace the visible surfaces of teeth. By replacing a tooth’s lost root, patients can enjoy incredible stability with their replacement teeth as well as a replacement tooth that supports bone tissue by keeping it active and stimulated. Once a dental implant is integrated by bone fusing around its titanium structure, it is ready to hold a permanent prosthetic like a dental crown or bridge.

In successful cases of dental implantation, people can enjoy their replacement tooth for decades (and even a lifetime). In addition to durability and longevity, dental implants are easy to take care of. They are brushed and floss along with biological teeth.

To find out if dental implants are right for you, call Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery to reserve a consultation with one of our oral surgeons.

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