Oral Surgery: What are my sedation options?

oral surgeon MidlothianDo you have an upcoming treatment such as bone grafting or wisdom teeth removal? Perhaps you’re receiving dental implants and curious about how an oral surgeon can keep you comfortable during your procedure. We offer different types of sedation to meet the varying needs of our patients. For minimally invasive treatments, we offer local anesthetic and nitrous oxide. For patients undergoing more invasive procedures, we offer IV sedation.

What is nitrous oxide and how can it help me?

Nitrous oxide is a compound delivered in gas form through a soft nasal mask. This form of sedation is mild and its effects wear off quickly so that a person can enjoy the benefits of improved comfort without strong medications. Nitrous oxide has a calming, slightly euphoric effect on the body without the need for prescription medication. A typical situation where nitrous oxide might be administered is for simple tooth extractions or minor procedures involving dental implants.

When is IV sedation recommended?

IV sedation is typically reserved for surgical treatments like wisdom teeth removal. This form of sedation helps relax the mind and body during treatment so that patients enjoy positive, comfortable experiences. IV sedation is beneficial for monitoring the effect of medication throughout treatment because it allows for precise dosing adjustments, if and when necessary. Our practice follows strict FDA protocols to ensure our guests’ safety during our care.

Will I be unconscious with IV sedation?

IV sedation is not the same thing as general anesthesia. While the medications used in IV sedation produce strong relaxing effects on the body, patients are not medically unconscious. Instead, those receiving IV sedation can be roused from sleep and are able to respond to questions or directives from our oral surgeon. Receiving IV sedation allows our guests to sleep comfortably during and after treatment.

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