Relief After Wisdom Teeth Removal

happy young woman wisdom teeth extraction conceptWisdom teeth erupt later in life, and their arrival is not something we tend to celebrate. As they move into position, they can create several issues for neighboring teeth. Those problems can include issues with pressure on neighboring teeth, damage to their enamel, and even problems with spacing. As your wisdom teeth—also known as third molars—meet resistance due to a lack of space, they can become impacted, leading to a more difficult removal. Fortunately, the problem can be addressed before complications occur. At our Richmond, VA dentist’s office, we help patients who need their third molars extracted. When necessary, we can provide oral surgery to ensure that teeth are properly accessed and removed before they create difficulties for you.

What Makes The Extraction Of Wisdom Teeth Necessary?

With most of our teeth, extraction is seen as a treatment solution only when more conservative options are not recommended. This be the case when a severe cavity or injury makes the placement of a restoration difficult, or when there are significant infection issues. However, wisdom teeth are extracted even when they are healthy, and they are not replaced. Simply put, most of us lack the space to accommodate them. Because there is too little room for them, they can press against neighboring molars and damage them. For some patients, the pressure can lead to their third molars becoming impacted, or it can even cause their smiles to shift.

Carefully Extracting Your Third Molars

Not everyone has to have wisdom teeth extracted. We will perform a thorough review to confirm that this procedure is necessary for you before proceeding with care. If we find that it is, we can assess when and how they should be removed. To reach them when they are not fully or properly erupted, we may need to perform oral surgery to access them beneath the jawbone.

Any involved dental procedure can be intimidating, particularly when wisdom teeth extraction is the first time you have undergone more than routine smile care. We will walk you through what to expect during and after your procedure. We can also rely on anesthesia and dental sedation to help you stay calm. As with all forms of tooth extraction, post-treatment care is important. You will receive detailed guidance on protecting the extraction sites so that these sockets heal properly. We also provide prescriptions as needed to provide pain management.

Talk To Your Richmond, VA Dentist About Wisdom Teeth Removal!

Is it time for you to schedule wisdom teeth extraction? If so, we are ready to provide a positive experience both during and after care. The removal of these molars can protect you in important ways; having them removed in a timely manner can prevent discomfort and protect neighboring teeth. To learn more about this and other services we provide, call our Richmond, VA dentist’s office at (804) 354-1600.

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