Should You Be Concerned About Your Wisdom Teeth?

richmond wisdom toothRight now, high schoolers are getting out for the summer, and college students are doing the same. Since this age group is at a higher risk of wisdom tooth eruption, now is a great time to schedule a tooth extraction and preserve the smile. With our team of orthognathic surgery experts in Richmond, VA, we can safely and gently remove these teeth before they alter the smile!

The Risks Associated With The Third Molars

When we reach our late teens and early 20s, up to four new molars could erupt in the rear of the mouth. These are known as wisdom teeth, or third molars, and since there is little room for them, this can lead to a host of uncomfortable complications. For example, they can only partially erupt, causing a painful impaction. They can cause teeth to shift, creating serious misalignment that further weakens your overall oral health. The eruption can damage nearby teeth and increase the risk of infection too. To avoid these negative changes to the health, beauty, and function of your smile, or your child’s, then contact our team to undergo an exam and consultation.

Planning Your Treatment

We will first take digital x-rays of the smile to assess the position of these third molars and the risk they pose to the smile. We then plan the eruption in detail, so we can avoid interactions with blood vessels, nerve tissues, or sinus cavities. Our team also takes steps to ensure you’re comfortable during the procedure, administering a local anesthetic to the extraction area and also dental sedation to help you enter a calm and relaxed state, with little to no memory of the procedure at all!

The Tooth Extraction Process

When we have planned and prepared for the procedure, we will open the gums above these extra molars so we can remove them gently and carefully with a pair of forceps. We then add a medicated material to the area and suture it closed. The procedure could take as little as half an hour in some cases. Once we’re done, a friend or family member can take you home, as the effects of the sedation take time to wear off. We will provide prescriptions for any necessary medications to facilitate a quick healing period. We also have aftercare instructions to keep you comfortable and avoid dislodging a clot, so the area heals without complication. After 24 hours or so, you can usually return to your normal routine!

Visit Your Team At Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery In Richmond, VA For Tooth Extraction!

Now is a great time to schedule a visit to have your third molars removed! Talk to our team at Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery in Richmond, VA at (804) 354-1600 today.


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