Steps to Prevent Facial Injuries

facial surgery RichmondDental trauma and facial injuries can have quite a negative impact on one’s quality of life, appearance, and oral health. Blunt force trauma to the mouth and face can cause a lot of destruction, too. Lacerations to the skin, broken bones, and injuries to the teeth and gums may require facial surgery to restore oral function and relieve discomfort. Facial injuries are traumatizing and although our oral surgeons provide excellent restorative and corrective treatment options, we strive to prevent facial trauma by educating folks in our community. Following are some helpful tips for preventing oral and facial trauma.

Know When to Wear Protective Gear

While it is common knowledge to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle or a chinstrap in wrestling, many folks are unaware that common athletic activities and hobbies would be much safer by wearing protective mouthpieces and head gear. Protective equipment is not just for contact sports. In fact, mouth guards and helmets, for example, are useful for activities like horseback riding or skateboarding. Committing to wearing protective gear is very important – even if it seems unnecessary—because accidents can happen any time.

Drive Carefully

It may seem obvious, but driving carefully is very important. Unsafe driving practices are responsible for countless facial traumas. We strongly encourage patients to avoid talking and texting while driving and other unsafe habits like eating or putting on makeup while driving. It’s best to drive as attentive as possible – because not only should people watch their own driving, they need to be acutely aware with their surroundings and other drivers.

Practice Daily Mindfulness

Sometimes, we can robotically perform daily tasks because our lives are so busy and hectic. Unfortunately, something as mundane as walking down a flight of stairs could spell trouble if one is not paying attention. The force from an accidental fall can easily break bones, cut tissue, and require facial surgery.

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