Structure of a Dental Implant

dental implants RichmondDental implants are unique prosthetics that are used to replace the lost structure of teeth below the surface of the gums and to hold a restoration that replaces the visible surface of teeth. A dental implant resembles a screw. It features a ridged texture and gradually becomes wider as it gets closer to the gum line. A dental implant is constructed from a biocompatible metal called titanium. The reason titanium is chosen for its composition is the fact that bone will literally fuse around the implant and lock it in place. This process, called osseointegration, is what makes an implant a sturdy and durable alternative to the roots of biological teeth.

Dental Implant Specifications

Dental implants are only a few millimeters wide. Normally, dental implants that are used for single tooth replacement are close to ten millimeters in diameter. Implants used for multiple tooth replacement are a little smaller in diameter. At the top of the implant is an abutment. This feature is what is used to attach the permanent restoration or prosthetic. An abutment will be used to hold a dental crown or bridge permanently.

Benefits of Dental Implants

When compared to other tooth replacement options, dental implants present unique benefits to patients. Dental implants are compatible with the oral health system and support all the structures in the mouth that keep teeth healthy and in place. Having a dental implant and its attached restoration will keep neighboring teeth upright along with preventing bone atrophy by keeping the jaw stimulated and active. Other advantages to dental implants are that they are low maintenance and very durable. They are cared for like biological teeth and will last for decades. With dental implants, a person can enjoy a full, balanced diet without impaired oral function.

If you have lost teeth, it is important to review your replacement options quickly. Since dental implants are considered the best alternative to natural teeth, scheduling a consultation for this tooth replacement method is a wise idea. At your consultation, you can ask questions, address concerns, and determine if these prosthetics meet your needs.

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