Training and Education Received by Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

facial surgery MidlothianWhen you are referred to an oral surgeon for facial surgery or for treatment such as wisdom teeth extraction or dental implants, you may wonder about the education and training that these specialists have completed that qualifies them to provide this treatment.

After graduating from dental school, an aspiring oral surgeon will move on to a post-graduate residency program. In this more highly focused portion of their education, these specialists delve into the facial structures in greater detail and gain valuable hands-on experience in performing procedures such as bone grafting and facial surgery targeting structures like misaligned jaws.

After completing this residency, a surgeon’s training is far from complete. These specialists also have continuing education requirements in order to maintain the professional licenses that approve them to practice in their field. These CE courses can cover a variety of topics ranging from advances in surgical techniques to new treatments, and they help surgeons stay updated on the latest knowledge in dental medicine. Additionally, surgeons are more likely to pursue CE courses focusing specifically on their craft, such as updates on materials used in dental implants or the healing process following bone grafting.

Some surgeons may also choose to become board-certified, which involves additional educational requirements, as well as other qualifications. This may be another consideration when choosing a specialist.

All of this education and training serves to improve patient care. The formal education experience assures that these specialists have extensive experience in dental surgery before they begin to practice independently. Continuing education means that you can have faith that your surgeon is relying on the most up-to-date information available for your treatment.

When you are researching specialists for dental surgery, you should inquire about the education and training that they have completed that qualifies them to provide such treatment. Feel free to call our team at Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery and ask any questions you may have about this aspect of our experience and expertise.

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