Wisdom Teeth Removal Helps to Keep Your Smile Straight

wisdom teeth RichmondHave you received orthodontic treatment in the past? Perhaps you are reaping the benefits of a straight smile after wearing braces. Did you know that the emergence of wisdom teeth could be a threat to the placement of all of your teeth? It’s true! When wisdom teeth erupt through the gums, they do not have enough room to come through upright. Instead, they become impacted and crowd other teeth. Sometimes, patients who retain their wisdom teeth develop teeth that are crooked, overlapped, and rotated – even after having braces in the past. Our oral surgeon can help you preserve the benefits of previous orthodontic treatment by performing wisdom tooth extractions.

Why do wisdom teeth cause crowding?

The primary reason wisdom teeth contribute to crowded and overlapped teeth is because they do not have enough room when they erupt. Hundreds of years ago, wisdom teeth were beneficial as most people had already lost their molars to disease by early adulthood. This was because dental care was not readily available or advanced enough to help prevent oral disease. Moreover, people of the past did not have access to the oral hygiene tools we do today. Since wisdom teeth are no longer necessary, there simply is not enough room for all adult teeth and third molars (wisdom teeth).

What happens if people keep their wisdom teeth?

In addition to developing orthodontic issues, keeping your wisdom teeth can greatly increase your risks for common oral disease like gingivitis, dental caries, and abscesses. This is because partially erupt teeth are very difficult to clean. Many times, wisdom tooth retention causes orofacial discomfort like jaw pain and headaches. This is because teeth are under pressure from crowding and the site where wisdom teeth come in can become infected quite easily.

Removing your wisdom teeth is your best bet for maintaining your previous investment in orthodontic treatment along with preventing destructive oral health condition.

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