Wisdom Teeth Removal: Preserve Your Investment in Orthodontic Treatment

wisdom teeth RichmondDid you know that the emergence of wisdom teeth could affect the placement of your existing adult teeth? Many times, patients who do not have their wisdom teeth extracted when they begin to come in end up developing misaligned teeth. In some cases, those who have already had braces to straighten their smiles will need to receive another round of orthodontic treatment to re-align teeth. Having your third molars (wisdom teeth) extracted as soon as possible can prevent a host of oral health problems – including orthodontic issues.

How Wisdom Teeth Affect Tooth Placement

Third molars emerge during early adulthood, normally when a person is between the ages of 17 and 25. Compared to the rest of adult teeth, the late arrival of wisdom teeth is very problematic to tooth placement because all other adult teeth have been established for years. Moreover, there is rarely adequate room for third molars to emerge through the gums upright in healthy positions. The lack of room in the mouth means that wisdom tooth eruption can cause existing teeth to become crowded, crooked, and overlapped.

If a patient has already had orthodontic treatment, the shifting of previously straight teeth is more than disheartening—many patients will need to receive orthodontic treatment again to correct the damage done by third molar eruption.

Other Common Problems Associated with Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom tooth eruption is also associated with other oral health problems. Since these teeth rarely emerge upright, they are prone to becoming infected (abscessed) and decayed. This is because debris and bacteria tend to collect around the gums where the tooth has emerged. Third molars can also produce discomfort such as headaches and facial pain because they crowd teeth.

Most dental professionals recommend that wisdom teeth be surgically removed as soon as they emerge. Our oral surgeons provide gentle tooth extractions to preserve oral health and quality of life.

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