Wisdom Teeth Removal: Stop Health Problems Before They Start

wisdom teeth HenricoMost people have their wisdom teeth removed as a preventive measure to avoid oral health complications. Retaining wisdom teeth can lead to a number of health problems including painful infections, tooth misalignment, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. Technically known as “third molars”, wisdom teeth are not necessary to oral function – and in many cases, actually impair oral function because they are associated with so many oral health conditions. To help members of our community lead healthy lives, our oral surgeons provide tooth extractions in a comfortable and safe clinical environment.

How Third Molars Affect Oral Health

The primary reason that wisdom teeth are so problematic to oral health is the fact that these teeth come in during adulthood. Since the rest of adult teeth have already emerged through the gums during adolescence, third molars rarely have enough room to come through the gums in an upright position.

Lack of adequate space usually means that wisdom teeth become impacted – or “stuck” in the gums. Impacted teeth may stay lodged in the gums or might partially erupt. In either case, these teeth will often crowd existing, established teeth. Crowding leads to tooth alignment issues and may require orthodontic treatment such as braces to realign teeth to healthy positions.

Since wisdom teeth rarely erupt through the gums fully, patients also have a higher risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay near wisdom teeth and adjacent teeth. Partial tooth eruption means that food particles and bacteria collect between the gums and the portions of a partially exposed tooth, thus increasing the risk for infection and decay. Wisdom teeth are also prone to becoming abscessed. An abscess is a serious infection that can spread throughout the mouth and produce significant discomfort.

Gentle Tooth Extractions

Our oral surgeons are dental specialists who have advanced education and training to treat a number of oral health conditions. By taking a specialized approach, our team can provide high-quality surgical care. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, contact Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery today.

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