Is All-on-4 a Permanent Tooth Replacement Solution?

All-on-4 MidlothianLosing teeth is distressing. Without teeth, people suffer on a daily basis. From reduced oral function making eating difficult to the emotional toll tooth loss takes on one’s appearance, a life without teeth is difficult and even depressing. Fortunately, modern technology and new surgical techniques have given patients more options for comfortable and functional replacement teeth. One method, All-on-4, is a system that involves using dental implants to support dentures. All-on-4 is a permanent tooth replacement option. Our oral surgeons provide tooth loss consultations for patients evaluating their options.

How does All-on-4 work?

All-on-4 is a method of securing custom-made dentures to dental implants. One of our oral surgeon will load four dental implants into the jawbone in strategic locations. The placement and durable construction of dental implants will allow them to support a full set of prosthetic teeth. Implants are made from titanium, and therefore are fully compatible with the body on a biological level. This means that the bone surrounding the implant will fuse to it and the body’s immune system will not react adversely. Stabilized by the jawbone, implants essentially function like the roots of teeth. Once dentures are attached to abutments on the implants, patients will enjoy smooth, comfortable oral function and a restored appearance.

Can I eat tough and chewy foods?

Yes! After you have recovered fully from your procedure, you will be able to eat a variety of foods comfortably. Unlike traditional dentures, which only rest on top of the gums, All-on-4 prosthetics will not move or shift during oral function. This means that people can enjoy tough and chewy foods like steak. 

What are the benefits of All-on-4?

There are a quite a few advantages to All-on-4 when compared to traditional prosthetics like bridges or dentures. First, dental implants help prevent the body from absorbing bone mass. This means that patients can retain a healthy amount of bone in their jaws. Secondly, this tooth replacement method is durable and long lasting. This means that with proper care, implant supported dentures can last for decades. Lastly, this tooth replacement option appears very natural, and therefore gives many people the confidence to smile without embarrassment.

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