Life Changes Provided By Jaw Surgery

Person with nice and healthy smile, jaw surgery conceptThere are different reasons why people experience imbalances with their jaw alignment and positioning. Developmental concerns can be at the root of this problem, but in some cases, it arises as a consequence of physical trauma. At Commonwealth Oral And Facial Surgery, we assist patients whose positioning and alignment have become flawed for different reasons. What we can do is help you understand what is happening with your jaw and provide treatment options. In some cases, the right option is one that includes orthognathic surgery to carefully correct the issue. In doing so, you can enjoy positive changes in breathing, sleep health, and your ability to comfortably bite and chew.

Issues With The Position Of Your Jaw Can Impact You In Many Ways

When you have problems with the position or size of your upper or lower jaw, you can experience many quality of life concerns. They include problems with chewing and swallowing, trouble breathing, more aches and pains from TMJ disorder, and potential cosmetic issues. Unfortunately, these issues can worsen in time if your movement or jaw alignment are not corrected, leading to further discomfort and the onset of health concerns like sleep apnea! With advanced x-ray images and other methods for review, we can determine what needs to change to improve your quality of life, appearance, and dental function.

Taking On Your Health Issues With Corrective Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery can address the upper or lower jaw to make positive changes—in some cases, work may be needed for both. We carefully plan this work, which is also known as orthognathic surgery, to ensure positive results. Beyond using imaging tools and technology, we closely study function and discuss your health history. Whether your troubles have been lifelong or are more recent, we can provide positive solutions through your personalized care.

We Help Patients Feel Comfortable During Involved Procedures

The idea of surgery of any kind can be intimidating. However, going without treatment for an active problem carries real consequences, and they can worsen the longer you put off care. We can make the idea of jaw surgery less intimidating by putting time and effort into providing the right experience. That commitment starts with careful planning and preparations before your jaw surgery. Having all important details planned and prepared for can ensure a smooth procedure and positive results. We can also make recommendations for post-operative care to improve your recovery experience!

Commonwealth Oral And Facial Surgery Can Help You Enjoy Improved Quality Of Life Through Jaw Surgery!

For more information on the role that jaw surgery can play in improving your health and quality of life, you can contact our Mechanicsville, VA location or any of our other offices by calling 804-354-1600.

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