Do dental implants require special care?

dental implants HenricoReplacing missing teeth with dental implants is not only a great opportunity to restore the aesthetics of a smile but it is a wise investment in one’s health. Dental implants are the closest thing available to natural teeth.

By replacing both the roots and crowns of teeth, dental implants are durable and long lasting. These replacement teeth completely restore oral function and depending on the materials chosen to craft the crowns, can look very lifelike and natural. In fact, implants are cared for just like natural teeth. Patients with implants brush and floss their implants as they would biological teeth, which is more convenient than having to remove prosthetics for cleaning and overnight soaking. Our oral surgeons offer dental implants to improve the oral health and appearance of members of our community suffering with tooth loss.

What materials are used to make dental implants?

Implants are constructed from a combination of materials. The implant itself is made from titanium while the crown is a custom prosthetic that can be made from metals, porcelain, or a combination of porcelain fused over metal. Titanium is used because this metal is biocompatible with bone. In fact, bone will fuse to the titanium implant over time, making the titanium base a viable replacement for the natural roots of teeth. Once the implant has become stabilized by the surrounding bone, the prosthetic crown is attached via an abutment to complete the smile restoration process.

What makes implants unique?

Traditional prosthetics do not address the loss of the roots of teeth; they only replace visible tooth structure. Implants address the loss of all a tooth’s structure. Unlike dentures, which are removed at night, implants are permanent. This is both convenient for oral hygiene and important for maintaining healthy bone structure. Lastly, implants are durable enough to withstand the force and pressure of chewing and biting food. This means that patients can confidently eat a well-balanced diet.

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