3 Reasons To Look Into Implant Dentistry

3 Reasons To Look Into Implant Dentistry

Senior man holding up three fingers implant dentistry list conceptThere are serious consequences to tooth loss—many can be apparent to you the moment you lose a tooth, but some grow more alarming over time. The changes to your smile and bite function can be immediate, but as you spend more time without addressing the issue, you become more vulnerable to the losses of more teeth as well as jawbone density loss! Fortunately, these are issues that you protect yourself against with an implant-held restoration. Our Midlothian, VA treatment office and our other locations are prepared to provide the restoration of your smile with a secured prosthesis.

1. Your Tooth Loss Affects More Than Just The Way You Look

When you lose a tooth, you can lose your confidence in your appearance. One glaring gap in your smile can be a source of deep embarrassment. Unfortunately, cosmetic issues are not all that you face when this problem occurs! That empty space can complicate your ability to bite and chew with comfort. In time, that can lead to the overuse of remaining teeth and the onset of trouble with your jaw movement. Leaving the problem alone makes you more likely to lose neighboring teeth and vulnerable to jawbone resorption, which means you lose density in the bone.

2. A Secure Restoration Can Help Protect Neighboring Teeth From Being Lost

Our teeth depend on their neighbors for stability. Once one tooth is gone, its neighbors lose support and are more likely to loosen and eventually become lost. Even with a prosthetic appliance that is not implant-secured, the roots of those teeth are more likely to shift in time. Your dental implant fills the space where your lost roots were housed. Because of this, it helps stabilize your prosthesis as well as the roots that neighbor it!

3. Your Implant Helps Preserve Your Jaw Health

Tooth loss makes you susceptible to jawbone density loss. Biting and chewing stimulate the jaw, which sends signals to the body to deliver nutrients to the area. That stimulation loss results in nutrient loss, causing the bone to reduce in size and strength. This can change how you look, and it can make plans for prosthetic treatment more difficult to arrange. The good news is that implants can stimulate the jaw, and that stimulation revives the nutrient flow that was previously cut off.

Talk To Our Midlothian, VA Dental Office About Implant Dentistry And Its Benefits!

Through implant dentistry, we can help patients take on the various consequences of tooth loss and regain confident smiles! We can talk to you about your candidacy for care. From there, we can make plans to provide your implant and ensure you receive a secure and lifelike restoration. To learn more about implant dentistry and its benefits, you can reach our Midlothian, VA location today by calling (804) 354-1600.