Working with Your Orthodontist

When our surgical experts collaborate with your orthodontist, you can experience optimal orthodontic success. For many patients who are planning to undergo orthodontic treatment, oral surgery can play an important role in the success of your treatment. Oral surgery can be used to enhance orthodontic treatments, making them more effective. Oral surgery can also improve the long-term outcome of the treatment that your orthodontist provides.

Tooth Exposure & Cuspid Uprighting

Quite often, a tooth becomes trapped within the jawbone and is unable to grow into its natural position. When this happens, upon the orthodontist’s recommendation, we must employ a surgical procedure to uncover the tooth and begin the process of helping it to take its rightful position. After first surgically uncovering the impacted tooth, our team is trained to implement the specified orthodontic treatment which will begin guiding the tooth into position.

Extractions to Correct Crowding

When the upper or lower jaw is not large enough to accommodate all of the teeth, valuable space can be gained by removing certain teeth. Extracting some teeth can help to create the space that is necessary to align the remaining teeth correctly.

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD’s)

We can surgically place a titanium device that resembles an earring stud to create a customized anchor for your orthodontic appliances. With a simple surgical procedure, this small device is temporarily implanted into the jawbone, enabling your orthodontist to more accurately control your bite when traditional orthodontic forces are insufficient.

Additional Collaborative Procedures

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The wisdom teeth, as the last set of molars to develop in the mouth, often occupy valuable real estate. To create enough space for the remaining teeth to be orthodontically repositioned and to eliminate crowding or other dental problems, the wisdom teeth can be surgically extracted upon the recommendation of your orthodontist.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

With orthognathic surgery, we can resolve many of the orthodontic issues that relate to your skeletal development, enabling your orthodontist to promote the optimal alignment of your teeth and your jaws.

For more information on coordinating your orthodontic and oral surgery needs, please contact our office today.