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Oral Surgery Team | Virginia Oral Surgeons | Commonwealth Oral & Facial SurgeryIn addition to the exceptional doctors who care for patients at Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery, the staff is highly skilled, friendly and compassionate. The practice takes great pride in the fact that over 60% of the staff has worked for the doctors over five years and 8 employees have been employed greater than 15 years. The staff is focused in four areas of expertise: Surgical Assistants, Patient Coordinators, Business Office Staff and Implant Coordinators.

The Surgical Assistants are all trained in OMS procedures, x-ray certified and CPR certified. The Surgical Assistants educate our patients and make both the family and patient comfortable throughout all procedures at our practice. This team ensures that our treatment rooms and all instruments are handled, cleaned and sterilized using appropriate guidelines and procedures. The Surgical Assistants at Commonwealth are happy to respond to your clinical questions and discuss your concerns. This team is not only exceptional at their skills but help create the caring environment of our practice.

Our Patient Coordinators will greet you as you enter our practice. They will gather your insurance and personal information to assist in establishing you as a patient within our practice. They can assist you in understanding estimates, scheduling future appointments, and answering your questions about insurance. The warmth and friendliness of this team adds to your experience at our office.

Our Business Office Staff is comprised of Centralized Scheduling, Billing and a Hospital Coordinator. As you call our office you will be greeted and have your call directed in the most efficient manner. Changing an appointment time or location can be done for all offices by this team of friendly and enthusiastic schedulers. Our experienced billing staff will prepare and estimate for your treatment and will submit your insurance claims properly. The staff will also work with you to answer billing questions and resolve payment concerns. Should your treatment require care at the hospital, our Hospital Coordinator will walk your through the process to get your care scheduled and reviewed by your insurance plan. The Hospital Coordinator will answer your questions and prepare you for your day of surgery.

Lastly, our practice has a team of Implant Coordinators. These staff members educate and assist you in making the decision to pursue dental implants. They can discuss cost estimates and answer insurance questions. They will schedule you for your treatment and coordinate your care with your restorative dentist.

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