Facial Trauma

It is fortunate that Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are so well-versed in emergency procedures, long term reconstruction, and surgical rehabilitation. Injuries and accidents to the face and mouth are delicate matters that require the specialized training and precision of an oral surgeon. These injuries must be handled carefully by a knowledgeable and experienced professional in order to reduce the impact of long-term emotional trauma and scarring.

Broad Spectrum Emergency Care

Our surgical team possesses the unique capability to administer emergency care while also considering the way that each procedure will influence the long term appearance and function of your face, jaw, and mouth. Our surgeons have the credentials to provide onsite care in local hospital emergency rooms for a vast range of traumatic conditions including:

  • Lacerations of the face, lips, and mouth
  • Lacerations to the soft tissues of the inside of the mouth
  • Knocked out (avulsed) teeth
  • Fractured bones in the cheek, face, nose, or eye socket
  • Fractured or broken upper or lower jaws

Understanding the Nature of Facial Trauma

An accident can occur in the workplace, in a sports setting, at home, or as the result of a vehicle accident. Although accidents are obviously unexpected, many can be prevented through the use of seatbelts, helmets, and protective mouth guards whenever possible. Even despite these safety measures, we know that accidents do happen. Generally, we classify facial injuries by the tissues that are involved: soft tissue injuries (gums, skin, lips, tongue), bone (fractured or broken), or specialized (eyes, salivary glands, facial nerves).

The Value of Teamwork

To provide you with the best care, we often partner with other dental specialists as we work to restore your appearance and function. On your behalf, we may enlist the expertise of your general dentist, as well as periodontists, endodontists, and orthodontists.

In the initial moments following an injury, you can be assured that the care and treatment of your facial injury is within our realm of expertise as oral surgeons. We have each received in-depth training from the esteemed Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical College of Virginia with additional training and certification in the areas of pain management and emergency care.

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