orthognathic surgery richmond vaIf you need a little more help than orthodontics can provide, your provider may recommend surgery for your jaw.  This can be a necessity either due to your genetics or injury, and it can also be beneficial in a number of ways. An unbalanced smile can create additional wear in certain areas, leading to further misalignment and malocclusion or enamel erosion on particular teeth. If your provider has recommended surgery, it is because your current jaw location is harmful to the health of your smile. With our team of orthognathic surgery experts in Richmond, VA, you have a dedicated guide to help you through the process at every step along the way. Starting with a consultation, we can identify any of your jaw concerns and determine what course of action is needed, if any. We will also work alongside your orthodontist to develop a plan that helps you to look your best and also strengthen your oral health. Give us a call today to discuss your specific oral health needs and schedule an appointment for a consultation!

richmond sleep apnea When you wake up in the night on a regular basis gasping for air, or if you snore frequently, then you could be experiencing the warning signs of sleep apnea. Without treatment, this disorder leaves you exhausted, and your immune system and cardiovascular system could be strained as well. Fortunately, your Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery team can treat the disorder and help you sleep with ease!

man with nice smileFacial trauma can cause lasting functional issues as well as significant cosmetic changes. Injuries to different areas carry different consequences and call for different treatment responses. Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery treats different types and degrees of facial injuries with the intent of resolving the different esthetic and health challenges these injuries present. In addition to having the support of our surgical team, patients can count on us to provide immediate support and to arrange any care over a longer term that might be needed. In this way, we can prevent trauma to one or more region of the face from becoming a lasting problem.