Bringing Balance To Your Smile Through Orthognathic Surgery

Bringing Balance To Your Smile Through Orthognathic Surgery

orthognathic surgery richmond vaIf you need a little more help than orthodontics can provide, your provider may recommend surgery for your jaw.  This can be a necessity either due to your genetics or injury, and it can also be beneficial in a number of ways. An unbalanced smile can create additional wear in certain areas, leading to further misalignment and malocclusion or enamel erosion on particular teeth. If your provider has recommended surgery, it is because your current jaw location is harmful to the health of your smile.

With our team of orthognathic surgery experts in Richmond, VA, you have a dedicated guide to help you through the process at every step along the way. Starting with a consultation, we can identify any of your jaw concerns and determine what course of action is needed, if any. We will also work alongside your orthodontist to develop a plan that helps you to look your best and also strengthen your oral health. Give us a call today to discuss your specific oral health needs and schedule an appointment for a consultation!

Why Would I Need Orthognathic Surgery, And Is It Absolutely Necessary?

When your orthodontist suggests oral surgery as your next step, it is not a decision that they take lightly. This means that, most likely, they have identified serious concerns that traditional orthodontics cannot fix on its own. There are a number of reasons for this, and they can relate to the upper jaw (maxilla), lower jaw (mandible), or both. These issues can also be a result of your genetics, or they might arise due to specific trauma or a problem during the growth of your jaw.

Jaw surgery can help you to correct problems before they cause further damage to your smile, as well. For instance, if your bite is significantly misaligned, it can prevent the jaw from closing naturally. This is called malocclusion, and it can lead to a variety of concerns for your teeth, including enamel erosion where particular teeth wear themselves down quicker than others.

Your Jaw Affects More Than Just Your Bite, As Well

Problems with the jaw can lead to a number of dental concerns, and it can also impact your health in other various ways. One common condition is temporomandibular joint disorder and dysfunction, where the connection between your skull and your jaw does not operate as it should. This can lead to pain along the side of your head, and even affect your ability to open your mouth fully. Patients with obstructive sleep apnea may also benefit from treatment for their jaw.

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