Patient Reviews


We love hearing patient reviews, endorsements, and testimonials; and we enjoy sharing them even more. Here are some reviews from around the web for our various office locations. If we’ve had the pleasure of serving you, please leave us a review today! Thank you.

I write to thank you for your excellent work and care when I was a patient there recently. As you will recall, I was referred to you by Dr. J.C. McComb who felt he had met his match in trying to extract my stubborn 12-year molar! I was extremely lucky- and most grateful- that you could see me on such short notice that very day. I can assure you it was a great relief to get that tooth out. I am recovering nicely, and do not anticipate the need for a post-op appointment, at least at this time.

I also want to commend you on the professionalism of your entire staff. Throughout my time there, I was consistently treated with respect, courtesy, kindness and patience, all of which are very important to patients who may be suffering from both pain and anxiety.

– Samuel A.

Dr. Eschenroeder is my Hero. He really went the extra mile and even called me afterwards. How many Doctors call after a procedure? NONE! That is old timey stuff. I love him to death, and they don’t make ‘em like that anymore. I am just disappointed he can’t do all of my care. He is precious, but make sure you hold some of this back so his head don’t swell up!

– Carolyn H.