Fully Responding To Facial Trauma

Fully Responding To Facial Trauma

man with nice smileFacial trauma can cause lasting functional issues as well as significant cosmetic changes. Injuries to different areas carry different consequences and call for different treatment responses. Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery treats different types and degrees of facial injuries with the intent of resolving the different esthetic and health challenges these injuries present. In addition to having the support of our surgical team, patients can count on us to provide immediate support and to arrange any care over a longer term that might be needed. In this way, we can prevent trauma to one or more region of the face from becoming a lasting problem.

Facial Injuries Call For Dedicated And Careful Treatment

Injuries that affect our facial regions can lead to serious complications. The kinds of trauma that can require advanced care include:

  • Serious lacerations to the lip and mouth area, including lacerations to the inside of the mouth
  • Damaged, loosened, or lost teeth
  • Fractures of the eye socket, cheek, or facial bones
  • Fractures or dislocation issues affecting the jaw

Just as facial trauma can affect different areas, it can carry different degrees of harm. As part of our immediate response, we will fully assess the harm you have experienced to determine the full scope of care that you should receive.

We Can Take On A Broad Range Of Traumatic Facial Injuries

Our surgical team is able to provide both emergency care and a long term solution to minimize the impact of your injury on your health and quality of life. Surgeons associated with Commonwealth OFS have the credentials to do onsite care at emergency rooms, so they can promptly begin to help you. In addition to the work our practice can do in helping you recover after your traumatic experience, we can work with your general dentist as well as experts in other fields as needed.

Fully Addressing The Functional And Cosmetic Effects Of Facial Trauma

When it comes to treating facial trauma, the goal is not just to make sure you fully heal and stay safe from infection. Problems that affect regions of the face have the potential to change how you look in dramatic ways, and they can create functional problems that affect vision, speech, biting and chewing, and more. By assisting with more than just the immediate aftermath of your injury, our office ensures that a goal is in place to help you enjoy the best possible results from treatment.

Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery Provides Dedicated Care For Facial Trauma

If you miss out on the right treatment approach for facial trauma, you can be stuck with lasting consequences. Fortunately, our surgical team is prepared to help patients receive all of the support they need to recover from the cosmetic and health effects of these kinds of injuries. If you would like to learn more, call Commonwealth OFS today at (804) 354-1600.