Why was I referred to an oral surgeon for facial trauma?

Why was I referred to an oral surgeon for facial trauma?

facial surgery RichmondHave you suffered an accidental fall, a car accident, or sports injury that’s caused facial trauma? If so, you have likely been referred to an oral surgeon for facial surgery. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) is a specialist who is trained to treat facial trauma in addition to many other conditions. An OMS can provide advanced care in the event of injuries to teeth, facial bones, and soft tissues inside and outside of the oral cavity.

The Education and Training of an Oral Surgeon

To better understand why an OMS is adept at treating facial trauma, it is important to learn about their education and training. An OMS has a standard dental degree (DDS, DMD), along with advanced degrees and a surgical residency in a hospital-based program. Once an OMS has completed his or her education and training, he or she will need to pass rigorous board examinations to practice as a specialist.

This training and education provide the level of expertise necessary to treat patients struggling with facial trauma, orthognathic concerns, tooth loss, impacted teeth, and oral cancer. Oral surgeons deploy advanced techniques and utilize cutting edge technology to deliver highly focused, quality healthcare.

What does facial trauma treatment entail?

Traumatic injuries to the face may require a variety of treatments. Some folks may deal with injured teeth and tooth loss along with lacerations to soft tissue and broken bones. Facial surgery for trauma can involve a variety of procedures including:

  • Jaw surgery
  • Tooth extractions
  • Dental implants placement
  • Tissue grafts
  • Treatment of lacerated tissue with sutures and stitches

An OMS is well-suited to provide treatment for facial trauma because of his or her deep understanding of complex facial anatomy. For instance, treating lacerations can involve nerve endings and salivary ducts. Familiarity with these structures is very important when placing sutures. Oral surgeons also take great care to treat injuries in a way that produces the best aesthetic results possible.

If you have been referred to our practice for facial surgery, call Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery to reserve a consultation with our caring oral and maxillofacial surgeons.