Keeping You Comfortable With Sedation

Keeping You Comfortable With Sedation

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Our team offers oral and facial surgery to address serious concerns with the health, function, and beauty of your smile such as tooth extraction and dental implant placement. But we want to make sure your experience is a positive one, even if you have a phobia of the dentist. Our Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery team can ensure your comfort with dental sedation.

Our Training and Expertise

Our team goes above and beyond when it comes to our training. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons have all completed continuing education courses, completed licensing requirements, and have become board-certified specialists. Which means we can safely administer all levels of sedation for our patients!

Local And Exparel Anesthetic

Our team can administer local anesthetic to areas being treated, such as Marcaine, Septocaine, Lidocaine, and Carbocaine. These will be used to numb the areas being treated prior to the surgery. We also offer a new local anesthetic known as Exparel, which is injected to the site and provides long-lasting effects to ease discomfort and reduce the need for any opioid-based medication.

Nitrous Oxide

We can administer nitrous oxide to help you or your family member enter an instant state of calm and relaxation, with a gas administered through a mask over the nose. The effects then wear off when the procedure ends, so you can drive yourself home or even return to work or school.

Oral Sedation

We also have oral conscious sedation, which is administered to kids and adults alike through medication like Midazolam. The medication helps patients of all ages enter a much deeper state of calm, with little to no memory of the procedure afterward. The effects take a bit to wear off, so they will need someone to bring them home afterward, and likely won’t return to work or school for the day. While this is helpful to all ages, we often use this for children with anxiety or for little ones undergoing more extensive treatment options.

IV Sedation

Administered intravenously, this enters the bloodstream to help patients enjoy immediate effects. We will provide supplemental oxygen and they will enter a very deep state of calm. We will monitor vitals and again, someone will need to be available to bring the patient home, as the effects take time to wear off completely. Patients should wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing, and avoid food and drink for the six hours before the procedure. If you have any questions about sedation, then contact our team today to learn more.

Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery Provides a Comfortable Treatment Experience

Our team wants to help you stay comfortable during treatment, even if you have dental anxiety. If you would like to learn more about our calming treatment options, call Commonwealth OFS today at (804) 354-1600.