richmond sleep apnea When you wake up in the night on a regular basis gasping for air, or if you snore frequently, then you could be experiencing the warning signs of sleep apnea. Without treatment, this disorder leaves you exhausted, and your immune system and cardiovascular system could be strained as well. Fortunately, your Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery team can treat the disorder and help you sleep with ease!

man with nice smileFacial trauma can cause lasting functional issues as well as significant cosmetic changes. Injuries to different areas carry different consequences and call for different treatment responses. Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery treats different types and degrees of facial injuries with the intent of resolving the different esthetic and health challenges these injuries present. In addition to having the support of our surgical team, patients can count on us to provide immediate support and to arrange any care over a longer term that might be needed. In this way, we can prevent trauma to one or more region of the face from becoming a lasting problem.

Woman feeling calm with hands crossedDoes the idea of receiving dental treatment leave you feeling uneasy? When anxiety causes you to delay or even completely avoid visiting your dentist, minor oral health problems can turn into serious concerns. That is why we prioritize your comfort at every appointment, from general checkups to full-mouth reconstruction. At your Midlothian, VA dental practice, we offer sedation dentistry services to calm your nerves when you need them most. We offer different levels of sedation depending on your preferences and procedure to help you remain calm throughout. By understanding how each technique operates, you can determine which method is appropriate for you!

Jaw Pain Richmond VADo you wake up with a stiff or sore jaw? The human mouth relies upon balance for its lasting stability, and if your jaw is subjected to too much side-to-side movement, you may experience discomfort at the connection to the side of your head. This area is known as the temporomandibular joint, and it can pose problems for those with certain conditions. Speak with a member of our team at Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery in Richmond, VA and see if TMJ disorder and dysfunction are holding you back. If you require help in bringing your mouth back into balance, discuss all of your options, as there are different solutions for each particular situation. Your condition could worsen if you do not seek treatment, so speak with a knowledgeable provider about your needs. We are here to help you regain full control of your smile, with the use of both surgical and appliance-based therapy for your TMJ disorder and dysfunction!

Person with nice and healthy smile, jaw surgery conceptThere are different reasons why people experience imbalances with their jaw alignment and positioning. Developmental concerns can be at the root of this problem, but in some cases, it arises as a consequence of physical trauma. At Commonwealth Oral And Facial Surgery, we assist patients whose positioning and alignment have become flawed for different reasons. What we can do is help you understand what is happening with your jaw and provide treatment options. In some cases, the right option is one that includes orthognathic surgery to carefully correct the issue. In doing so, you can enjoy positive changes in breathing, sleep health, and your ability to comfortably bite and chew.

Senior man holding up three fingers implant dentistry list conceptThere are serious consequences to tooth loss—many can be apparent to you the moment you lose a tooth, but some grow more alarming over time. The changes to your smile and bite function can be immediate, but as you spend more time without addressing the issue, you become more vulnerable to the losses of more teeth as well as jawbone density loss! Fortunately, these are issues that you protect yourself against with an implant-held restoration. Our Midlothian, VA treatment office and our other locations are prepared to provide the restoration of your smile with a secured prosthesis.

happy young woman wisdom teeth extraction conceptWisdom teeth erupt later in life, and their arrival is not something we tend to celebrate. As they move into position, they can create several issues for neighboring teeth. Those problems can include issues with pressure on neighboring teeth, damage to their enamel, and even problems with spacing. As your wisdom teeth—also known as third molars—meet resistance due to a lack of space, they can become impacted, leading to a more difficult removal. Fortunately, the problem can be addressed before complications occur. At our Richmond, VA dentist's office, we help patients who need their third molars extracted. When necessary, we can provide oral surgery to ensure that teeth are properly accessed and removed before they create difficulties for you.