All-on-4: Will my new teeth be durable?

All-on-4: Will my new teeth be durable?

All-on-4 HenricoThe All-on-4 method of securing dental implants to dentures has become wildly popular in recent years. If you have worn dentures for some time or have lost most (or all) of your teeth, you might be wondering how All-on-4 implant-supported dentures can improve your quality of life. Our oral surgeons offer All-on-4 to increase the durability and functionality of dentures. By anchoring prosthetic teeth to dental implants, patients enjoy more stability when eating and speaking. This is because dental implants are supported by the jawbone, much like the root systems of teeth. Patients with All-on-4 enjoy the ability to eat a balanced diet without discomfort and a long-lasting solution to tooth loss.

Following is more helpful information about All-on-4.

How does All-on-4 work?

All-on-4 refers to a specific method where dental implants are embedded throughout the jawbone to support a full denture. Four implants are embedded through a same-day surgical procedure. The implants are placed in strategic locations so that they can support the full weight and pressure exerted on prosthetic teeth during oral function.

How do dental implants improve wearing dentures?

Dental implants offer some unique advantages when used to support dentures. Conventional dentures lie on top of the gums and are held in place by the curvature of the jawbone. Sometimes, dentures can move when eating and speaking – especially if they become ill-fitting due to bone deterioration. Ill-fitting dentures can greatly affect oral function and quality of life. Dental implants stabilize dentures by anchoring them in place so they will not move during speaking or eating. Since dental implants are located within the jawbone, they act as a replacement for the roots of missing teeth.

Held in place by bone fusing to the implant’s titanium structure, patients can eat all kinds of food without difficulty and enjoy a long-lasting alternative to conventional prosthetics. Unlike unsupported dentures, All-on-4 can keep bone stimulated thus preventing the body from resorbing bone.

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