Dental Implants Offer A Long-term, Permanent Solution

Dental Implants Offer A Long-term, Permanent Solution

dental implants MidlothianPatients who have suffered tooth loss may not want to deal with prosthetic restorations that must be refitted or replaced every several years. Dental implants offer a more durable solution for these patients.

The longevity of dental implants is due to the osseointegration process that develops after the oral surgeon places the dental implant in the patient’s jaw. The jawbone material at the implant site forms a strong bond with the implant’s titanium surface, which allows the dental implant to function as an artificial tooth root.

While many of us take the roots of our teeth for granted, those structures actually perform important functions beyond holding the teeth’s crowns in place. The roots also secure the jaw, which erodes after tooth loss if the roots are not replaced. That jawbone resorption causes conventional appliances to lose their fit after several years.

Alternatively, implant-supported crowns, bridges and dentures will continue to fit as the years pass thanks to improved jaw stability due to the dental implants.

In addition to their durability, dental implants offer other benefits to patients who choose this treatment method. The roots of your teeth also are instrumental in your ability to chew, for example. They absorb rather strong forces to help you process crunchy, healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, implant-supported tooth replacement devices are more effective at chewing than conventional appliances.

Dental implants also stand alone and do not impact surrounding teeth. Healthy teeth do not need to be fitted with crowns to support the pontic, and dental implants do not restrict access to the gumline, so patients can continue to floss normally.

In order to benefit from dental implants, however, patients must have sufficient bone for osseointegration to complete successfully. Your oral surgeon will determine whether pre-existing bone loss might be a barrier to your ability to get dental implants. If so, a preliminary bone graft may be recommended to make you a more suitable candidate for dental implant placement.

If you’ve experienced tooth loss and want a permanent tooth replacement solution, call our office to learn more about dental implants. Schedule an evaluation with our team to determine whether this treatment option would be a good fit for you.