Dental Implants: Will my replacement teeth look natural?

Dental Implants: Will my replacement teeth look natural?

dental implants RichmondFor patients who want to restore a smile after tooth loss without suffering from an unnatural appearance, dental implants offer a good option for a lifelike aesthetic. Casual observers are unlikely to even detect which tooth is the implant because it will blend in well with your natural teeth.

During the treatment planning process, our oral surgeons will work closely with you to select attributes of the prosthetic appliance, whether it is an implant-supported crown, bridge or denture, to match the qualities of your biological teeth (or improve on them, if that’s your smile goal). The advanced materials used to craft the appliances supported by the implants look remarkably like natural enamel, and the shade can be customized according to the patient’s specifications.

The structural characteristics of dental implants add to their lifelike appearance. The surrounding bone osseointegrates with the dental implant after the oral surgeon inserts it into the jaw, which allows it to serve as a root-like structure. Therefore, this tooth replacement method fills in for both the missing crown and root.

Unlike a dental bridge, a dental implant needs just one prosthetic crown. This adds to the natural appearance of this treatment because the appliance fits in better with the rest of the smile.

Not only do dental implants look more realistic, they feel more like natural teeth as well. Because of the bond between the bone and the implant, the patient has a connection to the jaw that is similar to that of a biological tooth. Additionally, the patient retains nearly all of the biological tooth’s chewing function with a dental implant, another benefit of this treatment method.

To learn more about the aesthetic possibilities of dental implants, schedule a consultation at our office. Explore the benefits of these structurally complete tooth replacement devices and whether they’re a good fit for you.