Facial Trauma: Hard Tissue Injuries

Facial Trauma: Hard Tissue Injuries

facial surgery RichmondFacial trauma can affect anyone. Whether a person endures a traumatic injury to the face from a car wreck or an accidental fall, specialized treatment is often a necessity – especially if the injury affects hard tissues on the face. Since traumatic injuries to the oral and maxillofacial region tend to greatly affect oral function and quality of life, facial surgery is needed to reconstruct affected tissue.

When treating hard tissue injuries, our oral surgeon takes a compassionate and thorough approach. Our practice utilizes the latest facial surgery techniques and advanced technology to ensure that members of our community receive high-quality care.

Hard Tissue Injuries

The oral health system is comprised of hard and soft tissue. Hard tissue includes all surfaces of teeth including their roots along with facial bones, such as the mandible (jawbone). Like any other part of the body, mineralized tissue like teeth and bone can become broken and cracked after enduring blunt force and trauma.

Common procedures to treat facial injuries include bone grafts, jaw surgery, and the placement of dental implants.

Bone Grafting, Jaw Surgery, and Dental Implants

Grafting procedures involve taking tissue from a tissue bank or another area of the body and surgically fusing it to areas where tissue is sparse. If a traumatic facial injury has affected the upper or lower mandible’s density, a bone graft may be necessary to restore the shape of the jaw and mouth while also protecting the stability of teeth since their roots are anchored in the jawbone.

Jaw surgery can be corrective or reconstructive in nature. Blunt trauma to the jaw can cause the mandible to become dislodged or misaligned from the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). This can cause great discomfort and severely affect oral function.

If teeth are affected by trauma and cannot be salvaged with endodontic and restorative procedures, one of our oral surgeons may place a dental implant. This is a permanent replacement for a tooth’s root that will hold a dental crown or bridge.

When providing treatment, our team makes great efforts to ensure that our guests have a comfortable and positive experience. For additional information, contact Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery.