How long will it take to recover from jaw surgery?

How long will it take to recover from jaw surgery?

jaw surgery RichmondPerformed by an oral surgeon, jaw surgery is a necessary procedure when deformed or misaligned jaws compromise oral function. Recovering from jaw surgery, like any other type of procedure, involves following post-operative instructions closely so that patients can heal as quickly as possible. Since everyone’s situation is unique and our bodies heal at different rates, there is no standard recovery time from jaw surgery. Fortunately, our practice utilizes the latest techniques, which can help aid in a speedy recovery.

When is jaw surgery necessary?

The jaws are an integral part of the oral health system. They hold the roots of teeth and are connected to the joints that facilitate all mouth movement. If one of the jawbones is positioned incorrectly or has developed more tissue than the other has, it can lead to serious oral health problems and severe discomfort.

If jaws are misaligned or disproportionate to each other, it will result in a malocclusion. An occlusion refers to the way that the biting surfaces of teeth line up when the mouth is closed and during oral function. If a malocclusion is present, teeth will make contact unnecessarily and eventually become weak and worn down. Misaligned and disproportionate jaws also strain the temporomandibular joints (TMJ), which connect the lower jaw to the skull. A strained TMJ can produce painful symptoms and impair mouth movement.

Jaw surgery can be reconstructive or corrective in nature. The objective of this procedure is to increase oral function so that patients can eat and speak without discomfort while also preventing potential damage to the teeth and facial joints.

Will I be comfortable during the procedure?

During any procedure, our staff takes all strides to ensure patient comfort. Using a combination of anesthetic and sedative medication, our guests will have positive and comfortable experiences during treatment. After treatment, medication will prescribed to manage post-operative discomfort as well.

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