Improve Your Chances for Success with Dental Implants

Improve Your Chances for Success with Dental Implants

bone grafting RichmondDental implants have revolutionized the way that dental professionals approach tooth loss. These biocompatible prosthetics replace the roots of missing teeth so that restorations like crowns and bridges can be held in place for optimal oral function. In some instances, a series of dental implants can be used to anchor a full denture. While dental implants are ideal for improving a person’s quality of life, their success depends on the health of the jawbone. Fortunately, bone health can be improved through bone grafting procedures, which help regenerate tissue and improve the jaw’s density.

How Bone Stabilizes Implants

Dental implants are durable and ideal for tooth replacement because they are anchored by bone. Implants become anchored by bone through a biological process called osseointegration. This process involves bone mass integrating with metal prosthetics. Dental implants are made from titanium, a biocompatible metal. In fact, titanium is used to replace hard tissue throughout the body.

Resembling a screw, a dental implant is surgically embedded through the empty tooth socket into the jawbone. After implantation, patients undergo a recovery period before receiving their permanent prosthetic crown or bridge. The recovery phase of treatment involves giving the bone time to fuse to the dental implant. Patients will come to our office for routine checkups to monitor the osseointegration process.

How Bone Grafting Can Improve Implant Stabilization

Bone grafting involves taking tissue from another part of the body or a tissue bank and transplanting it over areas of the jaw where bone deterioration has occurred. This treatment is also beneficial when implants are going to be placed in the upper jaw, as bone tends to be thinner in the upper mandible below the sinus cavity.

Before bone grafting was commonplace in implant dentistry, some patients were not considered candidates for dental implants because of issues with bone mass. Now that bone grafting is more commonplace, more people can enjoy the benefits of long lasting dental implants.

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