Options to Restore Oral Function After Facial Trauma

Options to Restore Oral Function After Facial Trauma

facial surgery RichmondFacial trauma is undoubtedly very difficult and painful for the people we treat. Whether a patient has been injured in an accidental fall, while playing a sport, or after a car wreck, our team can help improve comfort, oral function, and ultimately, quality of life. Our oral surgeons can perform a number of specialized facial surgeries to close lacerations to the outside of the face, the inside of the mouth, and if necessary, place dental implants after tooth loss. Following are some of the ways in which an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) can help after facial trauma.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries can occur on the outside of the face and along the inside of the mouth. Lacerations to the skin, the lips, and insides of cheeks require stitches. Since scarring is a concern for many, all efforts to reduce or diminish the likelihood of visible scarring are used whenever possible. Soft tissue grafts may be necessary for badly damaged gums as well. After facial surgery, patients will need to practice wound care and thorough oral hygiene to reduce the incidence of developing infections.

Hard Tissue Injuries

Hard tissue injuries can affect the teeth, facial bones, and the jaw. Initial treatment for badly broken teeth may include extractions. If facial bones or the jaw is broken, stabilizing these bones is very important. Severe facial trauma may require a series of treatments over time to restore oral function and quality of life.

The Qualifications of an Oral Surgeon

An OMS is a specialist. One area of focus for an OMS is responding to facial trauma in emergency settings as well as providing long-term care. In addition to a doctor of dental surgery, a master’s degree in oral and maxillofacial surgery is completed along with rigorous residency training to practice as an OMS. Common procedures that our surgeon performs include the placement of dental implants, jaw surgery, tissue grafts, and tooth extractions.

When it comes to providing facial surgery after trauma, our team delivers compassionate, gentle, and high quality care. Call us today to reserve an appointment with our doctors at Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery.