Dr. James ''Jim'' Nelson

Dr Nelson Oral Surgeon MidlothianThe depth of Dr. Nelson’s implant knowledge serves his patients well. “I have been very fortunate to have been around since the beginning of modern implant dentistry in North America. This gives me a clear perspective on where we are today compared to where we began; I think that keeps me grounded and able to make better decisions for my patients,” explains Dr. Nelson.

Since its inception, Dr. Nelson has been a member of the Academy of Osseointegration, which now includes implant professionals representing some 70 countries. Their mission is to “enhance oral health globally by advancing the science, practice, and ethics of implant dentistry.” “AO’s annual meeting is one of the best implant conventions of the year. It is truly an international learning experience,” Dr. Nelson notes with enthusiasm. “Our national oral surgery organization, AAOMS, also has an implant meeting once a year which is a great learning experience as well,” he adds.

“In today’s world, we all want things done yesterday,” he quips. “It is possible to combine two or three procedures as one surgery, but that can also increase the risks. We are often better off doing one stage at a time for a more predictable result. After all, we are trying to place an implant that will hopefully last a lifetime!”

Summing up the implant experience at COFS, Dr. Nelson continues, “I believe that all of our COFS doctors have had excellent training in basic and advanced surgical techniques. This background gives us the skills to be excellent implant surgeons. We also have a staff that is very knowledgeable and dedicated to making the implant experience the very best for our patients.

Dr. Michael ''Mike'' Miller

Dr Miller Oral Surgeon HenricoWith over 25 years of experience in the field of implant reconstructive surgery, Dr. Miller still enjoys keeping up with the fast-paced changes that are inherent in being able to deliver up-to-date care and formulate modern treatment plans for his patients. Of special interest to him are procedures that focus on complex cases involving grafting, malocclusion, and esthetic improvements.

“Since dental implants provide the best long-term replacement for natural teeth and have become the standard of care treatment for missing dentition, it is gratifying to talk with patients about the benefits of implants with regard to their personal situation,” Dr. Miller notes.

He goes on to point out, “Attending local, regional and national continuing education seminars and courses in addition to providing educational opportunities to the Richmond dental community keep COFS doctors and staff on the cutting edge of dental implantology.”

Dr. Miller cites several reasons why COFS is unique with regard to implant services: the integrity, training and experience of the doctors; a dedicated staff that make the treatment process understandable for the patient; excellent patient communication so patients feel comfortable and get all their questions answered; and finally, but not least, being part of a highly respected oral surgery practice within the RVA community. “Our patients receive top-notch, quality care, in a friendly, professional atmosphere from highly-trained and caring doctors,” he affirms. “That’s the goal at Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery.”

Dr. Thomas ''Tom'' Eschenroeder, Sr.

Dr Eschenroeder Oral Surgeon Midlothian“I have been interested in dental implantology since I started in private practice,” says Dr. Eschenroeder. “My philosophy is to offer practical solutions to meet the needs of my patients with regard to replacing teeth with dental implants. Offering treatment options to patients and working as an effective team member along with the patient’s referring and/or restorative dentist are essential for the best possible outcome.”

I’ve learned that “few cases are ‘ideal’ from the start; this means that as a Practitioner, I must be able to recognize and be able to correct hard and soft tissue defects in order to have the best possible implant outcome. Implant treatment plans are a true team effort,” he continues, “and I thoroughly enjoy working with my colleagues in the dental community.”

As a member of the Academy of Osseointegration, Dr. Eschenroeder is able to implement the latest in new implant and grafting technologies. One such technology is our Cone Beam CT Scanner (i-CAT). Using the results from the scan along with implant treatment planning software, Dr. Eschenroeder is able to treatment plan challenging cases for patients who otherwise might think implants are not an option for them.

“COFS is special due to its high level of customer and referring doctor support; its emphasis on continuing education; and its high standards for results. The partners in this Practice realize the importance of staying current with the latest trends in the field. Accordingly, we participate in CE courses, and we offer Study Clubs for dental professionals in order to introduce these up-to-date concepts to the RVA dental community.”

Dr. Greg Zoghby

Dr Zoghby Oral Surgeon RichmondSince Dr. Zoghby began placing implants some 25 years ago, he has not only helped hundreds of patients restore both their dental function and oral health but, as a part time Associate Professor at the Medical College of Virginia VCU Dental School since 1986, he has been sharing his techniques with upcoming dental professionals and oral surgery residents.

His interest in implants dates back to dental school; Dr. Zoghby notes that his academic research during that time focused on bone metabolism which, during the implant healing process, is an integral facet of successful dental implant placement. This early implant interest motivated him to enroll in Branemark’s (a company that pioneered implants) original implant placement course.

Along with his COFS partners, he hosts an implant study club for RVA dental professionals whose goal is to educate the Central Virginia dental community on the most current technologies and techniques. Dr. Zoghby has presented lectures at these meetings, sharing his knowledge on a variety of topics, including congenitally missing lateral incisors. He currently participates in a small local academic study club that centers on coordinated implant treatment among specialists. Dr. Zoghby has a special interest in implants for orthodontic anchorage (he has attended special training for orthodontic implant use by Straumann at the University of North Carolina).

He describes his personal approach to implants: “I am not about quick results. I prefer procedures that work on 90% of the people 90% of the time with a 90% success rate.” He considers himself “an academic at heart whose focus is on predictability over speed,” and he refers to a favorite quote from Dr. Dennis Tarnow, one of the great educators in implant dentistry and currently Director of Implant Education at Columbia University: “One miracle at a time.”

“COFS stresses innovation along with education,” he sums up, and with a smile he adds, “governed by science along with common sense!”

Dr. Jeffrey ''Jeff'' Cyr

Dr Cyr Oral Surgeon Henrico“Dental implants are a wonderful technology to help patients replace missing teeth. They are clearly the best technology for tooth replacement. However, there are other tooth replacement options available, so my approach is to provide my patients as much education as possible regarding their specific treatment options. That way the patient can choose the option that they feel is best for them.” states Dr. Cyr enthusiastically.

During his over 20 years of placing dental implants, he has regularly participated in a many continuing education courses involving all aspects of implant dentistry. “I find great satisfaction in the whole spectrum of implant therapy, ranging from simple tooth replacement to full mouth replacement,” he adds.

Dr. Cyr feels that a strength of COFS is that “we place a very high level of effort and importance on the education of our patients and dental colleagues regarding the delivery of implant dentistry. I believe that patients and dentists who make fully informed decisions tend to have the highest level of satisfaction with the care that is provided.”

Dr. Andrew ''Drew'' Ferguson

Dr Ferguson Oral Surgeon RichmondDr. Ferguson has been placing implants since he began practicing with COFS. “Implants are the state-of-the-art choice for restoring missing teeth and restoring oral function,” he states without hesitation. “My personal philosophy and goal for each of my patients is to help them through the implant process with minimal time and minimal discomfort.”

“Our Practice is unique,” he adds. “We are here for you from start to finish, whether it be to take the time to explain each detail of the procedure throughout the treatment, or simply…and perhaps most importantly, to hold your hand, both figuratively and literally!”

Dr. Ferguson has also served as the liaison between our Practice and our implant consulting firm, working to enhance and update each of our offices in the areas of implant patient education and staff training.

Because of his research and dedication, we now have specialized staff, our Implant Coordinators, at all four of our office locations. Their job is to meet the needs and expectations of our patients as well as our referring dentists. It is thanks to this process that COFS is now able to offer the highest quality of dental implant and grafting services at whichever office is most convenient for our patients.

Dr. Ammar Sarraf

Dr Sarraf Oral Surgeon RichmondDr. Sarraf brings a background of implant-related studies including hands-on coursework with the Misch International Implant Institute, whose goal is “to set and elevate the standard of care in implant dentistry.” He is also a member of the local affiliate of the International Team for Implantology (ITI), an alliance of implant professionals whose mission is “to promote and disseminate knowledge on all aspects of implant dentistry and related tissue regeneration through education and research to the benefit of the patient,” staying abreast of the most up-to-date technology. Dr. Sarraf also adds specialized training that has focused on bone grafting and soft tissue management to his implantology experience.

“My personal approach to implants is that “an implant is an ideal procedure option that assists in returning the patient’s function and esthetics. My objective is to reach this goal, based on each patient’s individual needs.”

“COFS is unique,” he notes, “in that we collaborate so well with each patient’s referring and/or restorative dentist. I’m pleased that our practice contributes to the continuing education of the Richmond dental community by hosting Implant Study Clubs (continuing education seminars presented by renowned leaders in the field of implantology) for our colleagues and referring dentists.”