Preventing Dental Injuries on the Field and on the Court

Preventing Dental Injuries on the Field and on the Court

facial surgery MidlothianDental injuries can be incredibly uncomfortable and damaging to one’s quality of life. Those who participate in sports should take their facial and dental safety very seriously. This is why it is important to wear all recommended safety gear for the physical activities and sports you enjoy. For instance, wearing chin straps and mouthguards can eliminate the need for facial surgery by diminishing the negative impact of blunt trauma.

Sometimes a simple mistake in one’s footing can lead to a fall where a tooth is dislodged from its socket or the soft tissue of the oral cavity endures lacerations. In other cases, sustaining a blow to the face from another sports participant can do extensive damage such as breaking facial bones. In the case of accidental falls, it is essential to maintain vigilance of one’s surroundings and movements to reduce the risk for injury.

Not only should athletes wear all recommended safety equipment, they should avoid overworking their bodies, playing with an injury, and dehydration as all of these scenarios can increase the risk for injuries.

Custom Mouthguards

Dental professionals recommend that athletes wear custom mouthguards. Unlike one that is purchased in a sporting goods store or large retailer, a custom mouthguard is designed specifically for an individual. Diagnostics, photographs, and impressions are taken to develop the very precise specifications needed to create a mouthguard that fits perfectly over teeth and inside the mouth for comfort and effectiveness.

Custom mouthguards protect soft and hard oral tissue by keeping the edges of teeth from cutting into the lips or soft tissue inside the mouth or by keeping in teeth in place. With properly fitting safety gear, many people can avoid the need for facial surgery due to dental injuries.

Treating Facial Trauma

An oral surgeon is a specialist trained to perform a number of treatments and procedures within the oral cavity including facial trauma. Treating trauma can include the need for facial surgery on soft tissue, corrective jaw surgery, and replacement teeth such as dental implants.

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