Top 5 Reasons For Tooth Extraction

Top 5 Reasons For Tooth Extraction

You can usually avoid having a tooth pulled with good oral hygiene and consistent dental care. After all, once an adult tooth is gone, you’re not going to grow another one. 

However, there are certain circumstances where tooth extraction is the best way to preserve your mouth’s health. Keep reading to find out the top 5 reasons for tooth extraction and how the procedure can benefit you.

1. Tooth Decay

The most common reason to have a tooth removed is decay. Usually, this occurs with people who haven’t had a dental cleaning in years. 

Cavities eat through the enamel and the dentin to the center of the tooth. If the structure is weakened beyond repair, the tooth will need to be extracted.

2. Gum Disease

If not treated, gum disease can be as dangerous as tooth decay. Plaque and tartar can build up and cause an infection that destroys critical gum tissue and bone. Without their support, teeth can become loose and begin to fall out.

3. Impaction

A tooth is considered impacted when it only partially erupts above the gum line or doesn’t. It can be tilted or twisted, buried within the gums and pushed against adjacent teeth. 

Overcrowding is a common cause of impaction, and wisdom teeth are often removed if the jaw isn’t big enough to accommodate them.

4. Broken Teeth

Teeth can easily be broken in car accidents, sports injuries, and violence. If a tooth breaks off at the gum line and there is not enough left to support a crown, the tooth will have to be removed. If left unattended, a broken tooth can become infected or impair your chewing ability.

5. Preparation for Orthodontic Treatment

Sometimes, an orthodontic treatment plan includes the removal of overcrowded teeth. This allows the remaining teeth to be straightened and moved into proper alignment. 

Overcrowding is a common problem for children and teenagers. Their adult teeth are coming in, but their jaws have not yet matured to full size.


No one enjoys pulling a tooth, but certain circumstances make it necessary. For teens, orthodontic work may require making extra space in their mouths. In addition, accident victims sometimes need a broken tooth removed, which could lead to more severe problems. 

A person’s refusal to see the dentist can cause significant tooth decay. So instead of avoiding it at all costs, you can now see that there are valid reasons for tooth extraction.

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