Understanding the Nature of Facial Trauma

Understanding the Nature of Facial Trauma

facial surgery RichmondFacial trauma can have devastating effects on patients. Not only does the nature of these injuries inflict tremendous pain and damage to hard and soft tissues, it takes an emotional toll on patients as well. Although facial trauma can be distressing, our patients take comfort knowing that our oral surgeons are well-equipped to provide compassionate and effective care. Facial surgery can help rehabilitate a person’s appearance and restore his or her oral function.

Whether it is caused by a car wreck or unexpected fall at home, most facial trauma occurs accidentally. In some cases, facial trauma can be the result of violence, which leaves deep emotional scars. When it comes to treating patients who have endured facial trauma, an oral surgeon must take a number of factors into consideration including swelling, bleeding, and diminished oral function.

Common Injuries Related to Facial Trauma

Facial trauma can affect both hard and soft tissues on the face and within the oral cavity. Common injuries include:

  • Lacerations to the face, lips, and soft oral tissue within the mouth
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Dislodged and loosened teeth
  • Bone fractures in the cheeks, jaws, and eye sockets

Treating Facial Trauma

The treatment of facial trauma can involve a few different types of procedures, including facial surgery, tooth extractions, and suturing wounds. Treatment may also occur in phases depending on the nature of a patient’s injuries. The first treatments injured people receive might be to control bleeding and stabilize a patient’s condition. Follow-up treatment tends to address long-term concerns such as scarring and oral function. Patients who have endured trauma may require orthognathic (jaw) surgery, implant dentistry, and tissue grafts.

Many times, an oral surgeon will work with other professionals such as dentists and prosthodontists to facilitate care. A multidisciplinary approach is helpful for ensuring that patients’ oral function and quality of life is rehabilitated as much as possible.

Our practice provides a number of oral healthcare services including the treatment of facial trauma. If you have questions about facial surgery, call Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery to reserve a consultation.