Which teeth can be replaced by dental implants?

Which teeth can be replaced by dental implants?

dental implants MidlothianDental implants are the closest thing a person can have to natural teeth. When our teeth are missing, dental implants make for excellent replacement teeth that will restore oral function, support the entire oral health system, and improve a person’s appearance. From canines to molars, dental implants make for long lasting prosthetics. As long as there is adequate bone, a dental implant can replace any missing tooth.

What does a dental implant look like?

A dental implant looks a bit like a screw. It has a tapered end, which is loaded into the jawbone and an abutment on its other end, which is used to secure restorations or prosthetics. Implants also have a ridged texture like screws.

Dental implants are metal. They are constructed from titanium.

Why replace the roots of teeth?

No other prosthetic but a dental implant can replace the roots of teeth. The reason it is important to replace the missing roots of teeth is because without stimulation from a tooth’s root system, bone will atrophy and deteriorate. Bone loss in the jaw can lead to additional tooth loss as well as a significantly aged appearance.

Moreover, replacing the roots of teeth gives prosthetics greater support. Adequate bone can securely hold a dental implant in place for decades. A person with dental implants, for example, will not experience their prosthetics moving or sliding during oral function.

Are there dietary restrictions?

Once your dental implants are stabilized and their restorations are attached to abutments, patients can eat virtually any kind of food – including items like steak. Dental implants allow for a greater improvement in oral function than prosthetics like full or partial dentures.

When implants are first embedded, patients will need to adopt temporary dietary changes. For instance, liquids and soft foods are recommended following surgery.

I’m interested in dental implants, what should I do?

If you are wondering whether dental implants meet your needs, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our oral surgeon. During your visit, we will perform a physical examination to determine if this is the right procedure for your needs. Call Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery today to reserve your appointment.