Wisdom Teeth Removal: Optimize Whole Body Health

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Optimize Whole Body Health

wisdom teeth MidlothianWisdom teeth are often problematic to our oral health when they emerge and if they are retained. If we keep our wisdom teeth, they can contribute to a host of oral health conditions including gum disease, tooth decay, occlusal problems, and orofacial pain. Most dental professionals recommend the removal of wisdom teeth because of their problematic nature. Having wisdom teeth extracted early on can prevent many oral health complications and improve a person’s quality of life. A tooth extraction involves the removal of all a tooth’s parts, including its roots. Following are some whole body benefits to having your wisdom teeth (third molars) removed.

Reduce Headaches

When wisdom teeth come through the gums during early adulthood, the rest of a person’s teeth are well-established in the jaw and gums. Since these teeth are well-established, having extra teeth emerge so late in life can lead to unwanted tooth movement. In fact, crowding is the most common spacing issue associated with wisdom teeth. Crowding not only affects tooth placement, it affects a person’s comfort. Tooth movement contributes to headaches, which is an issue that commonly affects patients with wisdom teeth emerging. Having wisdom teeth removed can improve the frequency of headaches because teeth no longer have pressure on them from third molars.

Less Orofacial Pain

Wisdom teeth produce significant oral and facial discomfort – especially if the emergence of wisdom teeth has already contributed to gum disease and tooth decay. Orofacial pain can greatly reduce a person’s quality of life and removing third molars will mitigate the uncomfortable issues associated with wisdom tooth retention.

Decreased Risk of Oral Disease

Keeping third molars increases people’s risks for developing common conditions like dental caries and gum disease, both of these conditions can cause oral infections, loss of vital tissue, and discomfort. By removing wisdom teeth as soon as possible, patients can enjoy reduced risks of destructive oral health problems.

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