Wisdom Teeth Removal: Reduce the Risk of Gum Disease

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Reduce the Risk of Gum Disease

wisdom teeth MidlothianDid you know that keeping wisdom teeth could increase your risk for periodontal (gum) disease? Wisdom tooth retention increases a person’s risk for an array of oral health problems. While many people underestimate the destructiveness of periodontal disease, it doesn’t change the fact that this condition can literally wreck a person’s well-being. As a preventive measure, most dental professionals recommend the removal of wisdom teeth to prevent the many complications associated with their retention. Following is some helpful information on why extracting wisdom teeth is beneficial.

Complications of Wisdom Teeth Retention

Wisdom teeth (third molars) are problematic to oral health and well-being because of their emergence through the gums and how they affect existing, established teeth. Unlike other permanent teeth, third molars erupt during one’s late teenage years or early adulthood. This is years after all other permanent teeth have erupted through the gums. Normally, there is not sufficient room to support third molars coming through the gums in healthy positions. This lack of room leads to wisdom teeth becoming impacted (stuck).

Impacted teeth are very susceptible to becoming diseased and contributing to disease of neighboring tissue. When teeth are stuck in the gums, patients have high risks for developing tooth decay, gum disease, and painful infections called abscesses. Moreover, third molars crowd existing teeth and can cause them to become overlapped or crooked.

Gum Disease and Your Health

Since gum disease commonly affects people who retain their wisdom teeth, it is important to educate patients on the importance of gum health. Periodontal disease is the primary cause of tooth loss. This is because this condition, when advanced, destroys the bond between teeth and gums. Without professional treatment, gum disease can lead to bone loss as well. Having wisdom teeth extracted along with receiving regular cleanings and checkups greatly reduces one’s risk of developing advanced periodontal disease.

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