Wisdom Teeth Removal: What are pre-extraction considerations?

Wisdom Teeth Removal: What are pre-extraction considerations?

Wisdom teeth MidlothianAre you having your wisdom teeth removed? Are you wondering what you should do to prepare for your procedure? Having your wisdom teeth removed is a smart decision for preserving your oral health.  Wisdom tooth retention contributes to various oral health complications including gum disease, tooth decay, orthodontic issues, abscesses, and TMJ disorder. For these reasons, dental professionals refer patients to an oral surgeon for third molar (wisdom teeth) extraction. Following is some helpful information on preparing for your upcoming oral surgery.

Arrange for Transportation

Since anesthetic and sedative medications are often used for the removal of third molars, patients must arrange for transportation to and from our procedure. The medicines we use to maintain a person’s comfort will affect motor function and cognitive faculties. We recommend that our guests have a family member or close friend bring them to and from our office the day of their surgeries.

Stock Up on Liquid and Soft Foods

After your wisdom teeth are removed, you will need to adopt a liquid and soft diet for a few days. We recommend purchasing any necessary food items prior to your procedure for convenience. Consider buying foods such as healthy pureed soups, juice, pre-made fruit smoothies, and yogurt. Look for liquid and soft foods that are nutritionally dense so that you can enjoy an optimal recovery.

Study Your Post-Operative Packet

When we schedule your tooth extraction procedure, we will provide you with an information packet. In this packet, you will find information on what to expect during and after your procedure as well as recommendations for how to reduce discomfort and care for your extraction sites. This packet will also contain helpful tips on what to eat after your treatment.

Address Questions You Might Have

After studying up on your procedure and making the necessary arrangements, you might want to write down a list of questions you have so that you can contact our office for answers. Our staff is dedicated to patient education and we will be happy to provide information to you.

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